Lisa Wells

With a bachelor’s degree in human services management. Lisa Wells is a kinship/foster care assessor contractor for Fairfield County Job and Family Services. Throughout her professional career, Lisa has been deeply involved in the central Ohio community. She has served as director of the Fairfield County Family, Adult and Children First Council and vice president of the Newark and Licking County Chambers of Commerce and has also been employed by Lancaster City Schools and Big Brothers Big Sisters. She has extensive volunteer and community involvement with the Child Advocacy Center of Fairfield County, Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, Fairfield Medical Center Twig 14, and InspiHER Girls Leadership Foundation, and she spearheaded a grassroots fundraising campaign for Rising Park Playground. Lisa is married to husband Steve and has a family of three boys, Adam, Kyle, and Nate.

As a member of the community and a person that has been employed in several different capacities working with Fairfield County children and families, Lisa has a deep interest in the continued growth and development of social service programs specifically focused on addiction and mental health. She feels strongly about increasing awareness, understanding, and empathy for mental health and addiction challenges, and most importantly, she would like to be a part of expanding community resources for Fairfield County.

With extensive involvement in human services, social work, and education, Lisa strives to be an active participant with the ADAMH Board and hopes she can deliver value through her experience and understanding of our community. Her experience with several programs and services in Fairfield County places her in a positive position to contribute to the ADAMH Board and join in the mission to promote treatment, wellness, and recovery as well as advance a continuum of care philosophy. She believes that strengthening our community in the areas of mental health services and addiction is key to the future of Fairfield County, and her goal in service is to help enhance the performance and sustainability of the ADAMH Board.

Lisa has served on the ADAMH Board since September 2019 and currently sits on the Community Relations and Joint Mental Health and Addiction and Finance committees.

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