Deborah S. Brewer

Deborah Brewer has been the executive assistant to the executive director since June 3, 2019. She has many interests, including horses, family, animals, cooking, baking, traveling, exploring, and genealogy. Her family consists of her husband Ray; children Katie, Samantha, Rachel, Katharine, and Ray, Jr.; and dogs Bear and Penny. She loves her work and being part of an organization that does good for others. She has a sister and an ex-husband who struggle with substance use disorder. Since she did not want her kids to think that was an acceptable lifestyle, she has always tried to show them a better way to live, cope and work. Her greatest accomplishment as a Board staff person thus far has been reaching her one-year anniversary, but her goal is to make process improvements. Deborah says that she wants ADAMH to be a “mean, lean, processing machine!”

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