David Suman

Hailing from Haydenville, Ohio, David Suman became ADAMH’s latest Americorps VISTA member in July 2020. From Ohio University, he earned a bachelor’s degree in geography and a Geographic Information System (GIS) Certificate. He is proud that the ADAHM Board is the first not-for-profit organization with which he has ever worked. Although mental health and substance use disorders have never been a direct part of his previous research, his interests have been in poverty and social justice, and areas, where poverty is prominent, have a disproportionate amount of issues with mental health and substance use. To understand the broad scope of poverty, what causes it, and possible solutions, David needs to understand all the issues that these communities face. He says, “I am interested in capacity building and the behind the scenes of organizations that help address these issues.” During his tenure with ADAMH, he hopes to use his current knowledge to help the Board’s nonprofit service providers. He would also like to learn more about the grant-writing process and how he can use his background to support grants applications. While not serving as the Fairfield County ADAMH Board’s community planning and program researcher, David can probably be found hiking, playing video games, taking photographs, and making Maps. In addition to his parents, four siblings, a niece, and a nephew, David rounds out his family with Luna, a black Labrador retriever, and Sammy, a cat.  ADAMH looks forward to his many accomplishments.

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